The Nigerian Police and the (In)Justice System

Nigerian Police

Nigerian Police

It was sunny in the afternoon and I had to get off from work early cos I wasn’t feeling too well…2:30pm precisely…working in the City of Gidi has its advantages and disadvantages…but today wasn’t a good one! First, my burning temperature. Next, the slow movement of traffic from Ikeja-Along to Dopemu!… I remembered what my friend posted on Facebook the other day,”I am not sorry to say this – I HATE THE NIGERIAN POLICE FORCE!!! They are all bunch of Blood Sucking Corrupt Bastards. Extorting money from citizens going about their legitimate businesses. I wish them all the PAIN and HEARTACHE they inflict on Nigerians!”…all in his own words…I don’t blame him for expressing himself…The Nigerian Policemen have been using the law to justify their wrong doings…I remembered while in the university, a police team drove into our building requesting that we produce the person that just ran in(of which we had seen no one)…while trying to explain that there was no one hiding in our premises before I could spell J.A.C.K. I received a slap to my face! What was the reason for that…they’re are the police and have the right to do whatever they like!….let’s go back to the present time, what actually triggered this “police-ish” was the siren I heard while on my way home…from afar I could hear the Police Siren. Oops! I didn’t mention that the other side of the road was in a deadlock…but the Nigerian Police deemed it fit to break the “one-way” rule just to escort the Police Commissioner’s wife to wherever she was going…it made me wonder, if the average Nigerian going home wasn’t any important as the Commissioner’s wife! I don’t know if they realise that this single act of lawlessness have come to show that they have no regard for the law that they’re meant to preserve and enforce, all they’re after is their personal gain…I don’t blame these recruits…its the police chiefs that’s got to have the large chunk of the blame…the picture here shows 3 police officers harassing a cab driver for no just cause…and they say,”the police is your friend” but they forgot to complete the statement by adding”….if you’ve got your money”…proper training and certification needs to be the criteria before recruitment…have them undergo both Spoken and Written English tests, Ethics and Value classes…and be evaluated to see if they’re Psychologically and Medically fit for the job…


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